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Computer, Mobile, Tablet and Console Repairs & Services.

Based in Swansea Market.
Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 16:45
Saturday: 09:30 - 16:00
Phone: 01792 477 077
Email: support@mike-o-soft.co.uk

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Operating Since 2001

We pride ourselves on honesty, great service and value for money! These core traits are the reason why we are still trading and why customers keep coming back.

We offer services across all platforms

Holiday Notice

Staff Annual Holiday

The shop will be closed between the 15th and 19th of July (Mon-Fri) and back open on the 20th under normal business hours.
Please note that we will not be responding to calls and emails during this holiday period.
Apologies for any inconvenience.


It's always best to come by and have a chat.

Fault Diagnostics

Experiencing a fault? We can offer a diagnostic service to determine the fault and the cost of the repair.

Virus Removal

Nasty virus are easy to get but often difficult to remove. We've been removing viruses of all kinds for years. From Cryptowalls to Nuisance-ware.


Has your computer or devices slowed down speed that is simply frustrating? It sounds like it could do with a tune up. 


The majority of the time you just need a re-installation of the operating system. We provide this service on a same day or next day time-span.

Physical Damage

Broken screens on laptops, tablets and mobiles are offered. Bring the device by and we'll see if we have compatible hardware available, if not they can be ordered.

Playstation / Xbox

We offer a variety of repair and upgrade services for Playstation & Xbox consoles.

Data Recovery Services

Using our workstations, we can run software across damaged & faulty drives to pull precious lost data. We can also offer this service where the operating system is corrupt.

Network & Call Outs

We provide call out services for a variety of network related problems. We offer this service to both residential and business locations.

Business Related Services

We offer competitively priced hourly rates for local business in the surrounding areas. We have experienced technicians who can configure servers run by various operating systems. We have the knowledge to configure a server to your exact requirements. We offer a call-out service from £65 Per Hour.


Come by in store to see our inventory

Desktop Computers




Gaming Peripherals

Other Peripherals



Other Accessories

Custom PC Builds

With Custom PC Builds you can have the PC of your dreams. But more importantly a PC built for purpose, without unnecessary costs. We pride ourselves on building reliable systems with high quality components across the entire specification. It's too common that major retailers sell builds with low quality motherboards, risky power supplies and limited upgrade paths.


We buy a variety of products in all kinds of conditions for cash. Purchased items will either be refurbished and put up for sale, or in other cases broken down for spare parts.

We also offer commercially refurbished goods. Please check out store for availability.

We require identification when being sold goods.

What do our customers have to say?

We're super proud of the feedback we've received! Thank you to our loyal customer base.

Matthew Yin

"Excellent services, very friendly. Bought the custom build desktop there with an absolute good deal. They gave me more than i expect and sorted everything out for me. A shop I highly recommend if you want or needed parts for the PCs or having problem with your laptop/desktop."

Maria C.A

"Brilliant, instant communication, my laptop needed de-cluttering and help -they sorted it no problems,  needed some parts and they had stock. Maybe based in a market but I can assure you these guys really are proper and hopefully here to stay! Thank you guys"

Jareth Jordinson

"Both friendly and very professional. Unlike the larger companies such as PC World and John Lewis where I have sent my laptop for repairs before and had to wait two weeks on top of a load of extra charges, these guys repaired my laptop in the space of one hour and were completely honest with me in terms of cost, and what the problem was. Could not recommend highly enough."

martin hurse

"I have bought a desk-top and a lap-top(for my wife had them both for approx. 3 years with no trouble. The few times I have had problems(of my own making) they have shown me how to sort out the problems quickly and efficiently without charge and not taking the mickey once, which I admit I deserved.All in all a very good efficient and helpful shop."

Miriam Durnell

"had my laptop repaired it had fallen off the chair hinge broken screen cover broken keypad buttons off.Friends told me forget it, bin it. Took it to Mike-o-soft when collected thought they had given me new laptop but without a crazy bill. Fab job and service. This company was highly  recommended to me and i would highly recomend  them to others"

paul dawes

"My laptop needed items removed which I don't need and up to date anti virus they did an excellent job because I suffer with a speech difficulty due to my  illness they were most helpful and not at all fazed by my situation they even offered to collect and return my laptop at no extra charge and I can highly recommend them to one and all."


"These guys are brilliant. Needed data recovered from my faulty USB and they sorted it for me and within a short timescale too. Price was really decent too. Will be taken my broken external hard drive to them next to recover my data off that. Cant recommend these guys enough. 😀"

Michael Cleghorn

"My laptop wouldn't start up and I took it in to be looked at. They called me approximately 2 hours after I left it with them and I picked it up later that day. They had fixed the issue with the power and also added a few screws in free of charge to fix a different problem regarding the hinges. Very friendly and helpful, fair price- exceptional service!"